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About Us

About Us, Our Products and Services

Nathan Research is a niche enterprise software / technology firm and is in the business of providing a portfolio of software products to specific industry verticals such as Retail, Logistics and Telecom Services. These products are offered as services on the cloud and serve a range of business functions to handle Planning, Execution and Monitoring of business operations .

Our Other Products

ReMAP is a web based software portfolio of solutions, a Management and Analytics Platform covering all aspects of operations of a retail services business which involves Lead acquisition, Lead Management, Sales Presentation , Pricing and Consultative selling of services and Fulfillment involving procurement of Materials and Labor to complete projects. The complete portfolio addresses the entire business needs and workflows for such businesses and is architected into five major components- LMS, SMS, OMS, AMS and MDM. Typical use cases involve Home Remodeling, Construction, and Telecommunication/Home Theater installations which involve the material purchase, installation labor scheduling and project coordination.

ReMAP:LMS is a lead management system that accepts leads via multiple channels such as Call Centers, CRM systems, Storefronts -Physical and On-line, Scheduling systems, Affiliate Marketing sites etc. LMS manages the Lead flow into the phases of Scheduling, Re-Scheduling and Confirmation. It has built in APIs to exchange lead data with external sources.

ReMAP:SMS is a sales management system which takes all the confirmed leads, distributes it to the field sales force, enables the field sales force to assign leads to specific sales reps (Sales Rep assignment), allows the reps to present products to customers, configure and price the products, create sales orders and disposition the status of customers appointments- Lead Resulting by field sales managers, by office.

ReMAP:FMS is an order/fulfillment management system which provides a platform to generate material and install orders on sold leads. It allows for the tracking of orders through its life from the time of issue of material orders to receipt by vendors and status of material shipments and installation.

ReMAP:AMS is an Analytics and Reporting module which allows the business to look at the health of the business across various functions, such as leads, sales, installs across multiple dimensions, namely product, geography and timeframe, dynamically through a web based interface, perform ad-hoc analytics as well as define and track key performance metrics.

ReMAP:MDM is the master data management system which maintains all master data for the platform, namely Products, Geography (Store, Zipcodes, Branch), Lead channels , Organizational structure, Roles, Ids etc. .