Subscription Based SaaS Offering

The software is available as a service (SaaS) which allows a customer to use the software on a monthly subscription plan. In the beginning, specify key parameters are to be provided in predefined templates. The completed templates are then used to configure the product for a specific customer. We have a methodology for such implementation and the onboarding of accounts for a customer will take anywhere from 1-3 months.

Support Services

We realize our customers may need support in the operation of the FTZ as well. Therefore in addition to standard implementation and support services, we also offer processing services where we take the responsibility of daily processing of your transactions through our software. Email us to get a quote on the SaaS and/or the Support Services.

The Product FTZSoft


The FTZ processing flow primarily involves receipt of materials, preparation of documents for filing, review and transmission of filings

Withdrawls, Reconciliation and Reports

If there are withdrawls for a given product to a domestic destination, these have to be accounted for, inventories reconciled and reports reviewed before the filing .

The initial setup involves setting up the partmaster, historical data and other master data for a specific customer/account. Subsequently certain types of master data (HTC codes) may need to be periodically updated as well as new warehouse locations, FTZs etc .

Various types of analytics may need to be performed such as how many transactions were filed which day for which account, which ports the goods came through, status of pending admissions etc. .

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